sábado, 7 de maio de 2022

Lyrics From Hell

Trust your skill and your self; you can be as hard and heavy as your idols. You can reach the same quality and be one of them in the falsehood, fulfilling your dream. But if you have no confidence in that, how can the horned god help you with the inspiration to make it happen? You have to be sure what you want, breathe it out and believe he'll give you the people to "love" you for it all just like you have "loved" your idols since the first time you heard them. You don't have to hide and be the fringe of darkness only because you're "religious"; you can officially be a part of it and have your recognition as one of its top workers. Don't let it die; what will you do without "hope"?

No, this lunatic is not on the fringe of your world.

Can you imagine where he is?