sábado, 30 de abril de 2022

No "Good"

If you have no Light in you, have "hope"; you could still use guitar solos to get every fake thing you dream of. "Success" is not out of reach; can't you see how many false selves they've conquered, not only among the anonymous but also the "famous"? Search for what you want; "life" could still be "good" in darkness as you wait for Life after it all.

By the Way, enemies, don't ask me to try and stop you to prove yourselves and the world that your "faith" cannot be shaken. That's impossible; you can only stop what is in motion. You are staying and going nowhere, in and to an unknown place. One must be really "bold" to do that, to never depart from it.

We are from Her.

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2022

Source Light

No "hope"; you could never take away what I myself have forsaken from the beginning.

Yeah, I knew there would be trouble.

I'd Like To See 'Em Try

“MTV created reality TV with the launch of THE REAL WORLD in 1992. Building on that success, we’ve seen a huge demand on Paramount+ for more reality content,”

Every "great" company of the world is actually a big mess guided by no philosophical concept of success, ruled by people who graduate college knowing about how to make money and understanding nothing more (maybe Lorenzo is an exception?). The Spotify's top gamer of March is a part of Warner Music, and the dark MTV show Shore is a part of Paramount+.

Love isn't random, we are chosen

And we could wear the same crown