quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2022

Destination Jungle

You're only safe when you find Her so you can dwell in Her; afterwards, the room turning against you for not being a "friend" anymore becomes an opportunity to grow. In my case, I was lucky (many would consider it bad luck because it ruins your "life" for "good") to perceive its strange nature very early, 21 years ago to be exact; that was what made me start searching.

People just don't realize how dangerous is to be it the only place they know, when they have "hope" it could still be sweet there, disregarding any suspicion arisen even without investigation that such real adjective belongs not to it. They believe they're going to have time to taste all falsehood and never have to say good-bye. But it's still hell even when it's treating you "well", and staying cold won't keep you safe; there's not one the master wicked doesn't want checked out. If you still haven't been bitten by one of his pupils, you will.

The only thing that grows there is lie.

No tree planted in it can ever bear any fruit.