quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2022

You Should've Believed The Warning

Nice try, but you could never hide the source and nature of the words you love, not from true seekers. You asked for It, rock 'n' rollers; you asked for the Salt to crash the pool party and ruin the "fun".

(Quem fala a merda que quer, ouve o Tesouro que não quer)

Vanished Context

Have you ever seen this very common trick of the dark?

Bibles Full Of Truth

Come walk tall, soar high with us.

Wanting Deception

Whenever I see someone blaming "religion" for his deep mental discomfort and, after leaving it, magnifying the world, expressing gratitude for the "freedom" he has found in it, the same question that crosses the Mind of anyone who has wanted the Truth occurs to me, "Is the happy fool really believing he's deceiving himself and absolutely everyone else?". You're the one to blame, you sought the lie, and that's what you did again, nothing has changed in your resolution to embrace the easy "solutions". All you did was expanding the room's walls, but they can close in at any moment because it is wicked and never a friend.

quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2022

Bad Imagination

"For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven."

She only goes to church and she heard David saying, "if I could turn back time, I wouldn't change a fucking thing". Getting Out of the room depends on interpretation; if you're not seeking Wisdom, the Bible is going to be only an empty book, as empty as yourself and the TV.

Where Do We Go?

The college and the church, to get every real thing with a good eye. No, it's not about praying and reading the Bible before going out there, it's about having Her in the foreground throughout the day. What do you see? It All depends on a good imagination. If you're afraid of looking, sounding crazy, you shouldn't even attempt developing it; there are plenty of "normal" people in the city who don't believe in angels and devils. Afraid of being "alone", without a sense of belonging, you would easily adjust your eye focus back to their ordinary ground; you wouldn't last a day on this Way. It's something for those who believe that angels are warriors.

Rebel In Motion

If you don't want to be a loser like me and go somewhere in the world, go to college to get the "knowledge" and the "honors", go to church to get the "truth" and the "graces". Or you could just start a band if you got talent and any fake thing to say; it could turn out more valuable than what you would do after graduation. The clock is ticking, so make sure that you're not standing still while everyone else is "succeeding".

"Live" Fast, On "High"

Hey, enemies, we know the horned god lives in your souls; you are his employees and there's nothing you can do to be Out of his control, not even going to church. You are repentless; you said that if you could turn back time, you wouldn't change a fucking thing. I witnessed it and there was no one else around, but in me there was another witness. They might not be watching you, so why don't you show them all what I'm talking about, "Christians"? Don't worry, many even watching would not see anything, because there is no Light in them and they're never really hating it; they're loving the incarceration and the boss they have.

terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2022

No Light Apart From You

Eu vivo sempre no mundo da lua.

We Are The Gods Now

The Bond was broken; there's no real connection in the fallen world. Without searching and finding the Truth, how would one know the difference between death and Life? Instead, people search for people, and the people of the world are far from being the children of Light. Are they receiving the Word or believing their own "light"? The only great thing in the "proud" is the darkness; that means they're choosing to "brighten" their darkness with darkness, not realizing how dangerous the "bond" could be. They are ready to depart without ever smiling just once, but not without getting any "joy".

No, thanks, we have our own world.

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2022


Seu pai ainda cuida dos porcos?

Eu precisei de coragem para não cair nos "cuidados" deles...

Looking Back

I see the reason.

I Could Never Re-Member

Not that I needed a sign to believe it's true, nor have I ever asked for one. But God backed me up and gave me it, and one year later I realized why; I probably wouldn't have survived without it. You don't need a sign to believe that you love the corruptible gold, enemies and "friends", do you? It should be obvious to yourselves.

We're not members of the same body.

What Do They Say?

A devil's worker goes to college, goes to church. How do I know? Going to hospital. They're going to let you go without thinking once, because the individual who doesn't care about Truth is never really caring not even about himself. You have to understand, your enemies are fighting for your "friends" too. Why would they ever try to think just one lifeline to help you? That would be enough to ruin their unawakened dreams. All their "friends" are running to the "future" and they can't be left behind.

The good news for us is... one lifeline is sufficient to leave every billionaire in that world behind.

So "good" luck for you desiring to hear, "I love you", there.

They never really mean it; they can't.

domingo, 15 de maio de 2022

Let Her Not Go

Don't lose your Brain.

Is All Right?

Talent is sufficient to make the individual walk the path of the wicked without ever perceiving it as only getting worse and worse. Money may easily become a fool's "religion", the reconnection to all the lost "good" he believes he deserves, that extension of his empty body he hopes to be the source of all the "life" he lacks. And "honors" can be way useful to get the "graces" he has been asking for. Why bother seeking Wisdom if "knowledge" is enough? Why take the Medicine when you can anesthetize the pain and never have to admit it's all a nightmare? The more the lie grows, the harder it is to go back to the point where you and the vain works have begun.

sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2022

Nice Try, Milton

God must be feeling so ashamed.

He Could Have Heard Her

Every vain one is having "fun" watching the two kids in the court, and most of them seem to want his "honor" restored because they now see she is a histrionic "victim". Well, She hasn't protected him from her to begin with, right? That means he is no friend. He could have seen the "future" from the start but he wanted the "present" regardless. He believed the "sweet" words she had for him straight out of the kiddie pool. He just didn't know that being a happy vampire comes at a cost, because the "love" you find bites too. Does he really know now? I don't think so.

Is he going to get his "career" back?

Does the distance make the professional lie "safer"?

The Never Ending Fake Fear Day

"O men, how long shall my honor be turned into shame? How long will you love vain words and seek after lies? Selah"

The only Way to know the fearing is searching for Her.

So most people get what they deserve: the fear of evil.

quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2022


It's never too late to enter the Place, until it's too late.

Is She your Prize? So run.

Smart Thinking

If you're a beginner in the tank, don't hesitate to reach out.

You have a Teacher inside you can talk to; outside, you have us too.

Capable Of Walking The Way

If you feel lost, just remember: you are found. If you don't know what's going on, you can't wait for, expect the world to provide the answers. The world has no Pen, you have. So use It. It can't stand in your Shoes and, as a matter of fact, you'd most certainly be hearing from people really connected to the liar trying to break your Bond, making you doubt the Truth and yourself.

Trust me, I've been investigating it.

terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2022

Good Spell

Losing has its advantages.

For one thing, you get a Magic Pen.


Soon yellow will be the color of the town.

Who's Up?

People spend hours daily on messengers, swimming in a kiddie pool of empty words. If you call them into the salty water, they refuse to go; those used to being, having no real thing can't see Wisdom as "good" for them, She is no "fun". Except they "like" you for a plastic or any other blind selfish reason, they won't even try to pretend they like Her too. If they're interested in having "you", they're going to make some effort to think a few words to please your ego and obviously you can tell right away their source is still the pool.

People Rarely Change

There's nothing infinite about the "love" they find, it is soon lost; but they never lose "hope", they just try to find another and same one. It's like the "life" they seek, which means selfishness, every fake thing that could ever please their ego; if they lose it all, that's what they're going to be looking for again. Both, actually, are not worthy of the word 'found', since one is not venturing into any new territory, it is the same old one in which no blessing is required to succeed. Once the "bio" stops, the eternal failure starts.

segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2022

Losing Present, Losing Youth

If only you receive the "present", you could hang out at a Gas 'n Sip, then find your "love" at a Tupperware Party and even start a "family" in the "future".

A Man's Foes

If you're searching for Truth, you're looking for trouble with those who are all about doing their fake thing and showing their false self to the world. Trying to make you trust yourself not and black you out is the way your enemies have to testify that you have indeed become a light.

You've got a Dad to defend you.

domingo, 8 de maio de 2022

Master Lunatic

"For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, shew thyself to the world."

No, fool, Jesus is not your kind of rockstar.

He loves secrecy; you're the one who has to seek to know (to be known).

sábado, 7 de maio de 2022


Uma pessoa tentou me acompanhar pessoalmente não sabendo que minha palavra falada conseguia ser mais chocante que a escrita. Na hora que eu falei que Deus não tinha dó de ninguém, que dó e misericórdia eram coisas bem distintas, que Ele não justificava não somente quem trabalhava nas trevas para ter "luxo", mas nem mesmo para ter o primário, que segundo o mundo é ter "comida", arregou e pulou fora do barco. Um tempo depois, me achando com cara de "amigo", veio desabafar deixando escapar todo desejo, toda cobiça que tinha pelo que era do mundo. Aí ficou claro, "Ahh, então ela quer que Deus tenha dó, compreenda e não julgue ninguém por estar desejando o que é falso, que não testifique que a obra de ninguém é má".

A misericóridia é para o miserável que se arrepende, se humilhando e se convertendo à ambição pela Riqueza. A misericórdia significa que ninguém precisa ser rico para ser acolhido, caso contrário, não haveria esperança para ninguém. Mas a pobreza de espírito que é a humildade não existe desvinculada da fome e sede de Justiça; uma bem-aventurança não é verdadeira quando o indivíduo não possui a outra. Pode o reconhecimento da pobreza justificar sem a renúncia da "riqueza"? Ou como pode o indivíduo se tornar sábio acreditando ter a habilidade em si para alcançar tal condição? Inevitavelmente acabará com vergonha do próprio Jesus, a Sabedoria que verdadeiramente é comida e bebida.

É verdade, eu rejeitei a "amizade" para me tornar orgulhoso.

Tô nem aí pro seu ego e seu mundo impenitente.

Lyrics From Hell

Trust your skill and your self; you can be as hard and heavy as your idols. You can reach the same quality and be one of them in the falsehood, fulfilling your dream. But if you have no confidence in that, how can the horned god help you with the inspiration to make it happen? You have to be sure what you want, breathe it out and believe he'll give you the people to "love" you for it all just like you have "loved" your idols since the first time you heard them. You don't have to hide and be the fringe of darkness only because you're "religious"; you can officially be a part of it and have your recognition as one of its top workers. Don't let it die; what will you do without "hope"?

No, this lunatic is not on the fringe of your world.

Can you imagine where he is?

sexta-feira, 6 de maio de 2022

Reconnected Intellect

"Not that we are sufficient to think any thing"

Our sufficiency is from the Place.

"I Don't Really Think It Will Work"

No, because it depends on having the Brain.

The Bond is for the humble; so, you couldn't have come along anyway.

quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2022

In The Company Of Sophia

Hanging out with the heartless, brainless, braveless means that you're merciful; that's a good quality, keeping it keeps you connected. However, if you notice they're used to that condition and hanging on to their false selves, pretending to hear what you have to say, you know it's a mistake to persist. Just hang up or soon you'll be the one having to find yourself the same job they can qualify to.

The Gift is in the giving to the wannabe wise.

The others want you in there with them.

Bye, Fake Verb

Bon voyage et jamais ne revient.

Destination Jungle

You're only safe when you find Her so you can dwell in Her; afterwards, the room turning against you for not being a "friend" anymore becomes an opportunity to grow. In my case, I was lucky (many would consider it bad luck because it ruins your "life" for "good") to perceive its strange nature very early, 21 years ago to be exact; that was what made me start searching.

People just don't realize how dangerous is to be it the only place they know, when they have "hope" it could still be sweet there, disregarding any suspicion arisen even without investigation that such real adjective belongs not to it. They believe they're going to have time to taste all falsehood and never have to say good-bye. But it's still hell even when it's treating you "well", and staying cold won't keep you safe; there's not one the master wicked doesn't want checked out. If you still haven't been bitten by one of his pupils, you will.

The only thing that grows there is lie.

No tree planted in it can ever bear any fruit.

terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2022

They're In 1408

The room's empty.

If you can connect, message me :)

Jogo de Loucos

Encontrei a irmã do manipulador do clipe da Malu na igreja.

Ela faz exatamente do mesmo jeito dele.

Coração Quebrado E Orgulho Inteiro

Tudo que é fácil, na realidade é impossível ao que crê. Pessoas que se submetem ao "medo" por uma falsa sensação de segurança buscam qualquer coisa menos a verdadeira religião, o vínculo da Justiça. Quem nunca ouviu aquela propaganda de, "Você não precisa de balada, você está no lugar mais parecido com o Céu na terra"? Mas quando é dito que o dragão arrastou consigo a terça parte das estrelas do Céu, todos não acreditam numa revelação de uma matemática exata? E se a parábola das dez virgens for também? Igrejas, então, seriam parecidas com que Céu? Como existe hoje ou aquele antes da separação? O cenário poderia ser ainda mais complicado na terra.

Quem se submete a essas "soluções" sectárias geralmente faz isso por ter ocupações mais importantes do que buscar a Verdade. E quem procede assim nunca quebra o vínculo da iniquidade, continua no mundo. Aquela que é prudente saberá, "Se eu não for à balada, a balada virá a mim até mesmo na igreja; não há para onde correr senão para a Verdade". A louca será o mundo, a balada, indo à igreja, sem se arrepender e se converter. E o fim dessa história a gente já conhece... ela batendo na Porta só depois de ter sido fechada definitivamente, fingindo desejar a Verdade por "medo" e por não haver mais possibilidade de ter aquilo que quer do mundo.

E então Ele dirá, "Não te conheço, você é de ninguém, como sempre quis ser".

Sim, o carnaval também vai à igreja.

segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2022

The "Fame" Piece

I couldn't believe I could really get (myself) together without the Bond; this artist has needed a total Savior, not a partial one. A fake connection to one or one million, that's not hard to forsake, specially after you know the Feeling.

Do you get Her?

Skill is not enough.

Not Of The Father

"Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?"

If John, writing the "lovest thou me?" using 'agapas' twice and one last time 'phileis', really wanted to mean that Jesus was accepting Peter's imperfect love as a legitimate way to sacrificial Love, why does he refer to himself as "disciple whom Jesus loved" using 'ephilei'? Was Jesus' love imperfect at that time either? Let's remember: the time in question was after the resurrection. Isn't God's gift perfect? Was Peter's love really of God or that natural "love" people put their "faith" in? My point is: John's lesson was that same wisdom Paul openly articulated in Romans. Didn't John himself also state, "We love him, because he first loved us"? It's about humility as the only way to Grace, to true Love.

The nontranscendent belief is a faithless disaster. When it comes to 'eros', if you believe that the "love" in you is as genuine as Peter believed his "philia" was, you'll find yourself in that "heavy burdens and grievous to be borne" situation. Didn't Jesus say that to look on a woman to lust after her is adultery? Wait, wait... how could He say that and at the same time accuse the pharisees of being the oppressors? Because Jesus didn't expect anyone to be "just" like them, being "proud". They were kind of ashamed of Wisdom and Her name, weren't they? Being the natural offspring of Abraham, they believed they were somehow born-gifted. Believing in the born-gifted One and in his false self at the same time is what Peter did.

That's why churches are full of friends of the world forever resembling the pre-gift Peter. I once read some young evangelical in deep confusion, saying, "Who created this sex thing? It must have been the devil!". I see people being "fed" by leaders as lost as them or worse. So, if you're out there loving to make people "afraid" because it makes them give you a lot of money, you'd better repent, quit your "job" and start searching to have Fear. You're fools who believe "riches" compensate for the emptiness, anesthetize the pain, but among the souls you don't care about are those hoping to find the Medicine. You just can't really care with the care of the world; not everyone feels comfortable with an unfruitful fake life.

Kids, your "bosses" at home, church, work cannot understand Truth.

Don't let their busyness infect your lives.

sábado, 30 de abril de 2022

No "Good"

If you have no Light in you, have "hope"; you could still use guitar solos to get every fake thing you dream of. "Success" is not out of reach; can't you see how many false selves they've conquered, not only among the anonymous but also the "famous"? Search for what you want; "life" could still be "good" in darkness as you wait for Life after it all.

By the Way, enemies, don't ask me to try and stop you to prove yourselves and the world that your "faith" cannot be shaken. That's impossible; you can only stop what is in motion. You are staying and going nowhere, in and to an unknown place. One must be really "bold" to do that, to never depart from it.

We are from Her.

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2022

Source Light

No "hope"; you could never take away what I myself have forsaken from the beginning.

Yeah, I knew there would be trouble.

I'd Like To See 'Em Try

“MTV created reality TV with the launch of THE REAL WORLD in 1992. Building on that success, we’ve seen a huge demand on Paramount+ for more reality content,”

Every "great" company of the world is actually a big mess guided by no philosophical concept of success, ruled by people who graduate college knowing about how to make money and understanding nothing more (maybe Lorenzo is an exception?). The Spotify's top gamer of March is a part of Warner Music, and the dark MTV show Shore is a part of Paramount+.

Love isn't random, we are chosen

And we could wear the same crown